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Een Engels versje

20 mrt 2014 23:00

NTR • 42 sec

Een kettle is een ketel, bijvoorbeeld voor het maken van thee. Ze zijn er in alle soorten en maten. Kijk maar!

There's a kettle in the corner, A kettle on the shelf, There's an old kind of kettle On the cooker by itself. There's a kettle with a whistle, There are lots with plugs, There's a kettle that is mother To a matching pair of mugs. There's a kettle that is yellow, A kettle that is green, There’s a kettle that is metal And the shiniest I've seen. There are kettles in the kitchen Where kettles ought to be, But the kettle in the garden Is a mystery to me! Whoever threw it out there They did it for the best: Although the kettle's rusty It is now a robin's nest.