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Vou Mandar Pastar

15 mei 2013 15:55

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Directed and produced by Otavio Pacheco, Vinícius Calderoni's "Vou Mandar Pastar" ("C'mon, Go Graze!") music video was conceived to fully translate the lyrics of the artist's song into a video that is almost a short movie. The lyrics express the desire to break free from the chains of everyday problems. We see the singer facing a really tough day, dealing of a number of growing problems, until he liberates his "madness" and gets free from his old lifestyle. The chorus "C'mon, Go Graze!" is an adapted translation of a very common brazillian expression used when you want to get rid of someone who has such a dumb cow mentality (or attitude) that it's equivalent to cattle in a grassland. It's a sharp way to say "get off", and it's the most liberating way to say it in Portuguese.