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Een Engels versje

20 mrt 2014 23:00

NTR • 58 sec

Freda de koe wil graag een fee zijn. Maar ze is niet sierlijk en elegant. Gelukkig is er iets anders wat ze heel goed kan!

I’m Freda the flat-footed fairy, My friends are the twinkle-toed lot -- They’re slippery as butter, They flit and they flutter, But look at these two feet I’ve got! It’s hard on a flat-footed fairy, When others are nimble and quick, To have two clod hoppers Which really are whoppers, Good only for giving a kick. My feet, like the lids of a dustbin, Are big and as flat as can be, I can’t be a leader, I’m just poor old Freda, The flat-footed fairy, that’s me. But wait! Things are not always awful, And something that does make me laugh -- I can stamp on a walnut, A big or a small nut, And break it quite cleanly in half!