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A story about space

29 sep 2015 16:00

NTR • 1 min

Taurus the bull goes shopping for groceries. But what’s this? The sun disappears behind the moon. A solar eclipse!

Taurus the bull wished to cook a tasty, almighty feast. Taurus the bull had a rumbly tummy. He was one hungry almighty beast. He raced to the shops ‘till he was all hot and sweaty to buy a colander to drain his spaghetti. The powerful sun hung in the sky as Taurus the bull chose what to buy. Then way up high, started a rare lunar dance, a total eclipse, what was the chance! He looked through the holes, what a wonderful sight, and just for a moment, day became night. Excited he leapt, and danced with a hop. But bulls weren’t allowed in this china shop. Sorry!