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Een Engels versje

20 mrt 2014 23:00

NTR • 56 sec

Alles en iedereen om je heen maakt geluid. Weet jij hoe die geluiden klinken in het Engels?

PING goes the toaster SCRAPE goes the toast GLUG goes the milk jug PLOP goes the post WHOOSH goes the kettle Boiling water for tea WAH ! goes the baby When she looks at me SPLISH goes the hot tap CLATTER goes the plate BYE ! goes my sister Who’s going to be late SWISH goes the brush As it sweeps the floor HISS goes the iron BANG goes the door CLICK goes the key As it turns in the lock SQUEAK goes the push-chair WOOF goes the dog WAH ! goes the baby YIPPEE ! I shout QUIET is the house Now we’ve all gone out.