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With helmet and stabilizers

30 sep 2015 15:32

NTR • 1 min

Sarah loves to ride her bicycle. In her imagination, she cycles all the way to space!

I love to ride my bicycle. When I was a baby, I sat on the back of daddy’s bike. I wear a helmet. I click it under my chin. And then I’m ready to go on my bike. You should always wear a helmet. I have two little wheels called stabilizers. They stop me from falling over. When I’m a big girl, I won’t need my stabilizers. My bike will have two wheels, just like daddy. My wheels go wiz wiz wiz. I ride down the road and whoosh into the sky. I should woohoo. I would ride past the stars, aliens or a rocket. The alien has his own bicycle. I had a rocket on. We played a game of star catch. You just have to catch a star en say got him. I say bye bye to the alien. And I landed back on the pavement and drove home. I put my bicycle in the shed. I can’t wait to ride my bike tomorrow.