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NTR New Arrivals - Ziek

15 mei 2013 16:24

• NTR •

This film was made out of sheer boredom, locked away in a rehabilitation center and out of the fear that I could no longer make films anymore because of the hole in my brain. May 1st 2009 my head was aching terribly and I suddenly couldn't speak anymore. An internet doctor suggested a stroke and advised me to go to the hospital immediately. I went with a cab and had to stay. The next day I lost the use and control of my right arm and leg. After 6 days of uncertainties and severe deterioration the doctors discovered an infection in my brains. After 6 weeks in the hospital and two operations in my head I landed in a rehabilitation center for speech therapy and physiotherapy. It took me 8 weeks to be able to walk again and using my arm functionally. I could go home. My speech is useable.