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NPS New Arrivals - Deer Mother

15 mei 2013 15:34

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Father, mother, two kids and a baby are going along the empty steppe towards China. It's already several days they have been hungry and thirsty. The kids are tired, the baby stopped crying from hunger. The children are slowing down and suddenly they refused walking further. Azamat, the eldest of kids is crying and asking for some water, after him Bektur, the youngest of brothers started crying. Their mother is doing her best to make them calm down but in vain. The father makes his severe decision to save his family. He is seizing the baby from the mother and going away beyond the hill. The mother starts crying very loud, fell down the ground and is crying, suffering. The father is coming up to the foot of mountains, put the baby on the ground and starts praying then in a while takes a knife, the baby cries out very loudly, at the last moment the deer grazing a field very far beyond the hill came running and butts the father with all its might. The father fell down. The deer lies down next to the baby sacrificing itself for the baby's life. The father kills the deer and brings the bag to his family.