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A story about space

28 sep 2015 16:51

NTR • 1 min

Leo the lion is afraid of the dark. But when you think of it; it’s never completely dark. There are always stars and satellites to light up the night. So there’s no reason to be afraid of the dark!

Leo the lion wished he wasn’t scared of the dark. The busy sun heard his wish and had plenty of light to share. So it sent out a beam bright and strong, lighting up Leo’s mane, his liony hair. Then, the sun lit the moon, like a street lamp bright. Leo danced in the moon beams, in the dark dark night. And as the lion snoozed in his cosy bed, the sun lit the space station, orbiting way overhead and satellites gleamed as they zoomed on by. Like night lights decorating the dark, dark sky. The sun lit the night with light’s galore and Leo knew full well, he was scared no more.