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A story about space

28 sep 2015 15:56

NTR • 1 min

Have you heard of the constellation Gemini? Then perhaps you would like to see the twins go off on an adventure together!

Gemini the twins wished to travel the world. To travel round in just one day and be home in time for tea. The hopped upon their shiny scooters, and scootered really fast. Across the park and through the park but stopped when they got to the sea. So they climbed aboard a pirate ship that bopped uypon the waves. Up and down and up it went. But sailing the world would take days. Through the telescope they spied a rocket, ready to zoom. So they took a lift with a satellite, and blasted towards the moon. Round and round and round they went, looking down on the land and sea. Round and round and round they sped, and were home in time for tea.