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Images in space

8 apr 2015 15:44

NTR • 1 min

You can be a ram, a taurus, or one of the other signs from the zodiac. These signs are based on the position of stars in the sky. But apart from these 12, there are many other constellations.

Taurus, Aries, Gemini. Names of famous star signs. But the southern crown, the carpenter’s square and serpent bearer are less well known. These are also constellations. And there are many more. Ever since we started looking at the stars, we have been wondering about those shiny lights in the sky. What do they mean and why are they where they are? Science didn’t exist yet, so people gave their own meaning to the position of the stars. By connecting the stars like dots, they created recognizable images in space. These stars, for example, look like twins. And with a little imagination, you can see a ram here. And these stars together make a scorpion. The twelve most famous signs are called the zodiac. And there are more signs we don’t always see because the earth revolves around the sun. You get your own sign when you are born. That’s the sign situated in the direction of the sun. Of all constellations, the Big Dipper is the most famous one. You can see it in the sky every night. It looks more or less like a saucepan.