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A trip to the Antarctic and back!

9 dec 2014 15:33

NTR • 3 min

Blue cow wonders what it would feel like to have a cuddle. The bus takes her to the Antarctic, where she has her wish fulfilled, after she rescues a baby penguin.

In a field not far away is a herd of cows grazing quietly. One of the cows most unusual. Blue Cow wonders. Wonders about the big world beyond her field. One day Blue Cow was feeling lonely. “I wonder what it would be like to have a cuddle?” “She’s off again,” said the other cows. So Blue Cow caught the bus that stops beside her field. “I’d like a ticket to a place where I can have a cuddle please.” “There you go madam – hold very tight.” And they set off for the Antarctic. And then they arrived. Blue cow was surrounded by ice and a chilly wind was blowing. “Moo-er, this doesn’t look like a very cuddly place!” She tried to trot on the ice but “Moo-ops!” her hooves slipped and she went spinning off... until… BUMP! She hit something soft and fluffy. It was a group of baby penguins - The poor little things went skidding across the ice. “Look what you’ve done to the poor wee bairns, ya great hairy hoofy thing!” groaned a big penguin. “I’m ever so sorry!” said Blue Cow and helped nudge the baby penguins back into a huddle. The big Penguin started calling out names: “Penny… Poppy… Peter… Paul… but where’s Petra?” Suddenly they heard a little cry, “Help!” Poor Petra was floating out to sea on a lump of ice. “I’m coming!” shouted the big Penguin, and was just about to dive into the icy waters when a whale raised its blubbery head. “Mmm Penguin for supper! My favourite!” it said and licked it’s lips. “What ever shall I do!” cried the big Penguin. “Why don’t you fly instead?” asked Blue Cow. “Because penguins doona fly!” the big Penguin groaned. There was no time to lose, Blue Cow took a huge leap, “Jeronimooooooooo!” and went sailing over the icy water and landed on the ice next to Petra. “Jump on my back!” she cried. All the penguins cheered as Blue Cow took another great leap and landed safely beside them with a very smiley Petra! “Oh thank you!” cried the big Penguin. The little penguins huddled round Blue Cow and gave her a great big cuddle. “You’ll never guess where I’ve been!” “Where HAVE you been?” “I have been to the Antarctic and I’ve been cuddled by penguins!” “Everyone knows that cows can’t go to the Antarctic!” But we know they can, don’t we?