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Help, a sea monster!

12 nov 2014 11:14

NTR • 3 min

Blue cow travels to a desert island because she wants to be alone for a change. But there is a big sea monster! Will Blue Cow ever see her friends again?

In a field not far away is a herd of cows grazing quietly. One of the cows is most un unusual. Blue Cow wonders. Wonders about the big world beyond her field. One day Blue Cow was looking at all the other cows in her field. I wonder what it’s like to be quiet alone. “She’s off again,” said the other cows. So Blue Cow caught the bus that stops beside her field. “I’d like a ticket to a place lonely spot, please.” “There you go madam – hold very tight.” And they set off for a desert island. And then they arrived “Oh lovely”- said Blue Cow, “Not a soul in sight.” Suddenly there was a sobbing noise. “Oh hello.” Worried Blue Cow. “Who are you? Where are you?” Then she saw it. “I am a sea monster.” Said the thing, “and I’ve lost my mummy.” “Oh dear.” Said Blue Cow, “Don’t worry, I’ll sort it out.” She looked up and saw there was a flock of birds. “You haven’t seen this chaps mother, have you?” The birds looked at the monster and shook their heads. “Sorry” They said. Blue Cow saw some sharks circling the island. “You haven’t seen this chaps mother, have you?” She called. “No sorry.” And then they were off. Blue Cow turned to the shells on the beach, but they just clacked and clattered and shook their heads. And then there was a horrible roar, the whole island shook and trembled. All the coconuts fell out of the tree. Blue Cow stuck her head in the sand to hide. Then the next thing she knew she was hanging high above the sea by her tail. “Mooooeeeee” She trembled, “please put me down. This is a most uncomfortable position.” “Just wanted to say thank you, roared the sea monster. “ For looking after my baby.” She put Blue Cow and her baby on her fins, and headed off for a celebratory swim around the ocean. Exotic birds followed up above, sharks followed behind and the shells clacked and cluttered. “Hooray.” Shouted Blue Cow. “What a great ride.” “You’ll never guess where I’ve been!” “Where HAVE you been?” “I’ve been a castaway on a desert island. “Everyone knows that cows can’t go to desert island.” But we know they can, don’t we?