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Spaghetti with blue sauce

12 nov 2014 11:50

NTR • 2 min

Why should cows only eat grass? Blue cow wants to try something different and takes the bus to Italy, where she has the most amazing pasta: blue pasta.

In a field not far away is a herd of cows grazing quietly. One of the cows is different from the rest. Blue Cow wonders. Wonders about the big world beyond her field. One day Blue Cow was looking at the other cows eating grass. “I wonder what else you can eat” “She’s off again,” said the other cows. So Blue Cow caught the bus that stops beside her field. “I’d like a ticket to a place where I can eat something other than grass, please.” “There you go madam – hold very tight.” And they set off for Italy. And then they arrived. In front of Blue Cow there was an enormous pan of spaghetti. Next to it were two wheelbarrows. One was full of tomatoes and the other was full of blueberries. “Mamma Mia”, cried a small Italian man. He was squashing tomatoes with a wooden spoon. SPLAT! “Soon the villagers will arrive and nothing is ready!” SPLAT! “Hello, I’m Blue Cow. Can I help?” “Oh thank you. I’m Mario Pasta. I have to squash all the tomatoes for the spaghetti sauce and then the blueberries for a blueberry drink”. SPLAT! “Non c’è tempo . There is no time.” “I’ve got an idea!” said Blue Cow. She covered all the tomatoes with a tablecloth and SPLAT! She sat on them. SQUASH, SQUISH, SQUELCH. “Brava. Tomato sauce for the spaghetti!” “Now for the blueberry drink”. She covered them with another tablecloth. SPLAT! SQUASH, SQUISH, SQUELCH. “Buono!” said Mario. And he pushed one of the wheelbarrows towards the spaghetti. “Moo-wait”, cried Blue Cow. “That’s the wrong one”. Too late. He tipped blueberries into the spaghetti. GLOOP! It turned blue. “Oh no! And here come the villagers” sobbed Mario. “Oooh!” they cried. “Blue spaghetti! And lovely tomato juice. Hooray Mario” “And Blue Cow”, laughed Mario. “We shall call it Blue Cow Spaghetti, after you!” “Thank you”, said Blue Cow slurping up a piece of the spaghetti. “Mmm. Yummy!” “You’ll never guess where I’ve been!” “Where HAVE you been?” “I have been to Italy and eaten blue spaghetti” “Everyone knows that cows can’t go to Italy and eat spaghetti.” But we know they can, don’t we?