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The queen of the gym!

17 nov 2014 14:03

NTR • 3 min

Blue cow wonders about the gym, where you can exercise on fancy machines. One day, she takes the bus to the gym, and accidentally becomes a true exercise star.

In a field not far away is a herd of cows grazing quietly. One of the cows is different from the rest. Blue Cow wonders. Wonders about the big world beyond her field. One day Blue Cow saw a worm wiggling across the grass in front of her. That looks like good exercise - I wonder where I could do exercise like that? “She’s off again,” said the other cows. So Blue Cow caught the bus that stops beside her field. “I’d like a ticket to a place where I can learn to exercise, please.” “There you go madam – hold very tight.” And they set off for an exercise class. And then they arrived. A man at the front was shouting instructions. And now wriggle to the right, 5,6,7,8 and now wriggle to the left, 5,6,7,8”. “Oh Hello, I’m Blue Cow.” “Hello,” said the instructor, “and welcome to exercise for beginners.” “That looks great fun, can I join in please?” “Of course, just follow William and Wendy,” he said pointing to a place between a girl and a boy ”We’re warming up before we move on to the equipment.” he said. The music started again. “To the right, 3,4, to the left, 3,4,” Blue Cow bumped into William. “Moo sorry, I don’t seem to have got the hang of this yet”. “Right,” said the instructor, “now you’ve warmed up you can go on the equipment,” and he pointed to a bicycle, a tiny trampoline, and another machine with handles. Blue Cow jumped on the bicycle. “Moo! how strange, I’m peddling but not going anywhere!” “That’s because it’s an exercise bike – It’s got no wheels,” explained William. “Time to swap around” called the instructor. It was Blue Cow’s turn on the running machine. “Moo! now I’m running fast but not going anywhere either.” Just then Blue Cow leant on a button at the front of the machine. “Moo-er!” The running machine started to go faster. And faster… and faster until… “Moooooooo!” Blue Cow flew off the machine and… BONG! She landed on the trampoline and… TWANG! Bounced off, star-jumped and landed doing a forward roll. “Hurray,” cheered the rest of the class. “You’re a natural, Blue Cow,” said the instructor. “Ooh, it was nothing” “You’ll never guess where I’ve been!” “Where HAVE you been?” “I’ve been to a gym and done some interesting exercises. “Everyone knows that cows can’t do interesting exercises.” But we know they can, don’t we?