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15 mei 2013 15:48

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Bititsch is a Nazi, who lives in a house full of pizza boxes. Apparently, he loves pizza and wants it to be delivered to him all the time. Unfortunately, he likes to play a little joke on his delivery guys. Even more unfortunately, one of his deliverers is black, so a clash between him and Bititsch is inevitable. It ends bad for Bititsch, who now must find some other source of his favorite delicacy, or else he will have to eat canned vegetables. After poisoning himself with pizza scraps (and going mad afterwards), he goes for a jog. On the street, by the streetlight, he bumps into a prostitute. He realizes that she is the only way to get his pizza. When he brings her home and explains that he doesn't want sex from her, his wife returns from a long trip. She beats them up, and makes a pizza afterwards. Moments before consuming it, our hero is interrupted by a last visit from his former pizza deliverers.