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Albert West - Memory of life

23 apr 2012 13:35

• TROS • 6 min

I walk through the streets And I look around I'm coming back after so many years Oh, yes this is my hometown It all looks the same All these things I remember so well Friends that I played with, the tree that I climbed And the hundreds of times that I fell And then I don't know what to say 'Cause there are things my memory of life I see them all and I hear them call I hope they don't see the tears in my eyes But wait, I hear your voice And I see your eyes Oh, it's so good to be back in your arms And to feel you so close by my side So, come and take my hand Just to lead me away To the fields where we wandered and where we made love Because I got so much to say My hands are getting cold 'Cause now they hold my memory of life I hear you call, yes, I hear it all I hope you don't see the tears in my eyes And then what do I feel Someone touches my hand Hey wake up buddy, get into your home 'Cause they start that shooting again And then without something to say You drift away, my memory of life No one to hold, no-one at all No one to see the tears in my eyes

Memory of life