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Een Engels versje

20 mrt 2014 23:00

NTR • 1 min

Heb je wel eens een dino horen snurken? In dit versje hoor je hoe dat klinkt!

In a big muddy puddle On a big muddy track, I saw some giant footprints Leading up the hill and back. The footprints had no toes, They were big and deep and round, I wondered who had left them On the muddy, muddy ground. I waited until night time, I was listening for a roar, But from a cave behind a tree I heard a giant SNORE. I tip toed to the cave And peeped into the black, And there was a dinosaur Sleeping on her back. And on her dino tummy, Cuddled in her dino paws, Were little dino babies With tiny dino claws. I tip toed out into the night, The moon was smiling down, I think he knew the secret, He knew what I had found. I put my finger on my lips And quietly walked back To the big muddy puddle On the big muddy track. So when you cannot sleep Listen for a distant snore, You never know, you just might hear A sleeping dinosaur.